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The Journey of Four Injured Kittens and the VBSPCA's Commitment to Animal Care

Posted by Matt Lewis on
The Journey of Four Injured Kittens and the VBSPCA's Commitment to Animal Care

In October 2022, an individual arrived with a box of four injured kittens. The staff were shocked at the sight of these tiny creatures, each one missing a paw and their wounds still open. The kittens were in pain and desperately needed help, so the staff at the animal shelter knew they needed to act quickly. 

VBSPCA's veterinary clinic

The VBSPCA, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was the ideal facility for these kittens to receive the necessary medical care and treatment. The VBSPCA clinic was equipped to handle even the most complex surgeries, so the staff transferred the kittens to the clinic as soon as possible. 

The VBSPCA medical team quickly assessed the kittens and determined that they were victims of animal cruelty. The nature of the wounds led the team to believe that a human was responsible for their injuries. This was a heartbreaking discovery. 

The clinic team worked tirelessly to alleviate the pain of the kittens and amputate their affected limbs. The kittens were placed with one of the VBSPCA's foster families so that they could heal and grow strong enough for the adoption process. Over the next few months, the kittens received the care and love they needed to recover from their traumatic experiences. 

Full recovery

By late January 2023, the kittens had made a full recovery and were ready to return to the VBSPCA shelter. The staff at the shelter were excited to see these adorable creatures again, and even more excited to see them find their forever homes.  

The adoption process for the kittens was quick and within a week, all four of them had found their forever homes. It was a joyous day for the staff at the VBSPCA, who had worked so hard to help these kittens. The new families were over the moon to bring their new furry friends home, and the kittens were thrilled to have a place to call their own. 

An important work

The story of these four kittens is a reminder of the important work that animal shelters and VBSPCA clinics do every day. These facilities provide care and support for animals in need, and their dedicated staff are always working to make sure that every animal has a chance at a happy, healthy life. 

In the end, these four kittens were able to overcome the tragedy they experienced, and they now have a bright future ahead of them. Thanks to the VBSPCA, the kittens were given a second chance at life. 

Our team was excited to hear that VETIGEL was able to assist the surgeons in treating these kittens. The VETIGEL team is honored to make a contribution to the VBSPCA, supporting their efforts in rescuing and assisting in their medical care.

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