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Top 10 Veterinary Blog Post Topics

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Veterinary practices are facing increasing competition as the veterinary field continues to grow. Creating a veterinary blog is a great way for you to attract new clients and increase your customer base. Frequently posting articles to your blog will increase your digital presence by increasing your rankings in web browser search results through a process known as search engine optimization (SEO). Having a strong digital presence increases the visibility of your practice and builds trust between you and your next potential clients.   

Consider this scenario: A pet owner is concerned about her cat’s dental hygiene because she noticed some discoloration on his teeth. Concerned, she searches the web for “why are my cat’s teeth brown?” One of the first articles to appear at the top of the search page is an article by your practice explaining the causes, symptoms, and treatment of periodontal disease. She learns that brown teeth are often a sign of periodontal disease. She feels grateful that your practice provided her with this information which increases your credibility and builds her trust. She heads to your homepage and calls the phone number to book an appointment with your clinic.  

Providing useful information on the internet sends a message to the pet owners of the world that your practice is helpful and knowledgeable. Writing articles for your website or blog is the easiest and most effective way to provide this information and generate this rapport. Read on to learn more about which topics pet owners are interested in learning about online so your clinic can be the one to answer their questions.  

1. First Aid Tips 

If a pet is sick, injured, or just appears “off”, many owners have the initital response to search their pets’ symptoms online. Explaining causes, symptoms, and first aid treatments of common pet injuries and illnesses can help owners stay calm during these potentially traumatic and dangerous experiences.   

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First aid tips

2. Pet food tips  

Pet owners often struggle to decide which type of pet food is right for their pet. Factors that may affect their decision include the size of their pet and their breed. Providing them with pet food and other nutrition information can help make them feel more confident about their pet feeding practices.  

3. Traveling with your pet  

Many pet owners want to take their furry friends with them on adventures but feel lost about where to begin. If pet owners are taking their pet on the road or in an airplane for the first time, they are bound to have a lot of questions regarding airline policies, as well as cost, comfort, and other practical logistics. Consider creating a blog post outlining the ins and outs of pet travel! 

4. Dealing with pet loss  

Pet loss can leave pet owners feeling anguish, hopelessness, and despair. This topic may seem taboo and uncomfortable to write about, but it is something that many owners struggle to come to terms with or handle appropriately. Writing about this topic will show pet owners that you are compassionate and committed to caring for them as well as their pets.  

5. First time pet owners  

First time pet owners are bound to have a lot of questions. They may feel lost about where to begin. What does having a pet mean for them? How will their lives change? Make them feel comfortable and confident in their decision to become pet parents by creating a survival guide that includes all they need to know about becoming a pet owner.  

6. Common veterinary procedures  

Clients often feel confused when they hear about a procedure their pet needs, so they take to the internet to learn more. Think about the most common veterinary procedures that your clinic does and write up some fast facts about each of them. Make sure these facts are written in plain English and are easy to understand by all pet owners.  

7. Recommend products  

If you are a veterinarian or work in a veterinary clinic, you are likely familiar with many of the latest toys, products, and gadgets on the veterinary market. Sharing your knowledge about which products work, and which to avoid, will make owners feel empowered to make evidence-based purchasing decisions.   

8. Euthanasia  

Euthanasia can be a hard topic to articulate. Euthanasia is an extremely difficult decision for both owners to and veterinarians to make. Writing an honest post about the decision to euthanize a pet, the process itself, and grieving the loss of a pet after the procedure will show pet owners that you care.  

9. Pet boarding and daycare  

Pet owners who want to travel solo or have obligations during the day that take them away from caring for their pet at home often take to the web to explore boarding and daycare options. Posting an article explaining the logistics of boarding and daycare can make pet owners feel more comfortable leaving their pet under the care of someone else.  

10. Why become a pet parent? 

Prospective pet owners will usually consider the pros and cons of having a pet before making the life-changing decision to commit to one. During this evaluative process, they may search online to make their decision. You can help them understand if they are truly ready to be pet owners by writing a blog post discussing the realities and responsibilities of being a pet parent.  

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