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VETIGEL changed the way Dr. Young treats FIV cats

Diane Young, DVM explains how VETIGEL has changed the way she treats FIV positive cats.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is known to result in coagulopathy and significantly lengthen the time to hemostasis for cats with the virus.*

Dr. Diane Young, of Feline Medicine & Surgery Clinic in Edmond, OK, has extensive experience in treating cats with FIV. Dr. Young recently experienced a series of patients from a no-kill shelter FIV ward, where some of the cats’ mouths were “so diseased that if [she] even touched the gums they would bleed profusely.”

“I looked down in the garbage can and it was half full with bloody gauzes” she recalled.

Traditional methods of hemostasis were not able to stop the bleeding she witnessed and soon she came upon VETIGEL®.

Upon ordering, she was able to address numerous new cases of bleeding on FIV cats “she had declined to do” as the “hemorrhage was so bad that [she] couldn’t see what [she] was doing.”

Dr. Young was met with a particularly challenging hemorrhage case: an FIV cat in the fourth stage of dental extractions.

“The other stages where I did not have the gel were horrible” and “I sent the cat home the second day, she said. “I’ve been able to cut down the surgical time probably in half, if not more, which is a really good idea on an FIV-positive cat” as excess anesthesia “is not good for the cats” she noted.

By using VETIGEL®, Dr. Young has been able to address a high-risk patient population whose needs are challenging to meet, even by veterinarians with an excess of 25 years of experience, like herself. The sooner bleeding can be stopped, the sooner recovery can begin.

With the ability to address multiple dental extraction sites with just one syringe, users of VETIGEL® may see shortened OR times, reduction of anesthesia needed, and ultimately better patient outcomes.


See VETIGEL® Instructions For Use prior to application.

*Hemostatic Disorders in Feline Immunodeficiency Virus-Seropositive Cats

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